Did I pay a fair price for this game (wipeout pulse for ps2)?

The other day I was in a gaming second hand shop and bought this ps2 game.
There was no pricetag on the game so the seller asked me to make an offer. I have no idea about which title how much is worth, but since most games were between 10-15 euro (11-17 usd) I first I said 10€. Then he said "well this game is quite rare for the ps2 platform so I should ask a lot more for it but I can give it to you for 15€" .

So after all I agreed with it. It had original packing, manual, all in good condition and no scratches.
On the internet I looked up but the prices really ranged a lot. Some sold it for 10 USD but I even saw somefor 40-50. Well it's no big money after all but I wonder if I really underpaid or not.
Thoughts (especially from gamers :D )?


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  • Is there a copy of the game that's like a Collector's Edition? It might have sold for more.

    But what does it matter? You got a game that you might have underpaid for. I got a brand new copy of FF13 on the 360 for 5 bucks, free shipping on eBay. I love underpaying. :D

    • Well, I'm asking this to know how much I should believe this seller when he says that something is cheap :)) Yeah prolly on ebay it is cheap but usually in shops it is more expensive for sure. I don't think that there is a collectors edition of this game.

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  • That seems like a low price to pay


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