Anyone knows making tofu DIY?

anyone knows making tofu DIY?


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  • I only tried Tofu once but I didn't like it - I did a google and found this

  • Mongols invaded China. Ask the Mongols

    • sir, u r right.

      ) In most of times, china was ruled and enslaved by others.
      1) chinese were enslaved by mongol, manchu, xianbei, Khitan, Jurchen empires.
      genghis khan's law, killing a chinese = killing a donkey,
      sorry to mention this.


      5) manchus ruled china for 300 years till 1911.
      Manchu conquest of China - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      The population rate was 100,000,000 chinese VS 1.000.000 manchus.

      6) japan invaded china (1937-1945), and killed tens millions chinese. (the highest figure is 32 million )
      Russia and USA saved china.
      Second Sino-Japanese War - Wikipedia
      Nanking Massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      In WWII, japan took the chinese capital and lost only 2000 soldiers.
      Battle of Nanking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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