Are we friends?

Tag someone and tell him/her why he/she is you GAG friend

also, name something you like about them


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  • I_am_repulsive = fun, cool, friendly, nonjudgmental (can talk about anything with him), open minded, loyal, hardworking

    BertMacklinFBI = intense, trustworthy, sweet (legit after each convo you may need to schedule an appointment with the dentist), has a way with words, tenacious, good outlook on the world (people, situations, etc...)

    CourtJester = my first GAGuy friend, troll, a Jester :)), fabulous, amiable, wacky

    Mistnigqa808 = HILARIOUS (each convo we have ends with me having stomach pains from laughing so hard and so much), crazy, blunt (does not beat around the bush), active, techy, very transparent and talkative (he'll gladly share stories about his experiences and the people he's met)

    DanteSparda and Genie23 = very cordial and interesting people (enjoy hearing about their day when I get to hear from them that is)

    Asker, I don't think we're friends.

    just gonna put this out there
    @krushhbrownies doesn't want to be my friend :(


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