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I’m a part-time employee currently working 36-40 hours a week. I honestly don’t want or need this many hours, especially since I don’t receive full-time employee benefits. I’d prefer to work 30-35 hours a week until I graduate from undergrad school, I chose part-time employment for this reason. My job requires that I’m available 5 days a week, with open availability on weekends. However, I wasn’t told this when I was hired, and leaving my availability open is allowing them to work me as a full-time employee.

I know its summer, a very busy time, but I seriously need some type of breather. I go to school full-time every year, work my butt off, and work every summer. I’m taking a crap –load of hours for the next 2 years. so that I can finish undergrad school and move on to my masters. Also, I’m going to be pledging, I’m already feeling tired and week because of the hours I work. I don’t want to start off my school year feeling this way.

I know there a people who work full-time plus go to school full-time and I envy them. I’m just not that type of person. I don’t have the mental or physical capacity to handle that, I’m literally stressed working the hours I have now.

I do want a job, because I want to have extra money in my pocket without running to my parents. Also, I’m going to get a new car and I have to pay my insurance, so I also need a job. I don’t want to overwhelm myself in the process and I do feel overwhelmed.

This isn’t my first job by the way, it’s my 4th, at my previous jobs I worked about 25-35 hrs. a week, and liked it.



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  • I would start looking around on the side for a job more suited to your needs or are your current employers approachable enough to renegotiate terms of employment.


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  • All I can think to do is talk to your supervisor or boss and tell them you need fewer hours or want to be hired on as a fulltime employee. They're taking advantage of you by giving you so many hours without the benefits. Hopefully they'll see the reduced hours as the better option and you'll get what you want. Good luck!