I dont remember my dreams, so how can i?

i dont remember my dreams, so how can i remember them? i dont remember i've seen dream for so long.
What's the reason?


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  • It is called lucid dreaming. When you can realize when you're dreaming and even control your dreams. It is a practice that takes years to master, but some people say it's worth it. If you do enough research, you can learn to do it.

    Though, if you only want to remember them but not control them, you can learn the same thing with lucid dreaming, just stop when they begin to teach you how to control them.

    If you decide to learn lucid dreaming, there are some theories that you're in risk of sleep paralysis, which is pretty spooky.

    • i just dont like broscience, but thanks LOL

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  • I don't remember some dreams too but I'm thinking that writing them in a notebook immediately after I wake up should help me remember them better.

    • but i dont remember it at all, when i wake up, i dont remember any dreams. But scientist says that there is nothing like we dont have dream, we just dont remember it.

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    • nothing, i just wake up and get up like nothing has happened.

    • I don't know, maybe you can ask someone to do an hypnosis and ask you questions about your dreams?

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  • Have a dream journal - A notebook beside the bed as soon as you wake up put details of dream in immeadiately before they fade.

    • i dont see any dreams, but science says that there is nothing like not seeing a dream, every healthy people dreams. I hardly ever dream, but scientists says that all people dreams, but they may think they dont.

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