Is anyone a dream interpretor?

I just had the first dream I've remembered in a long time, it felt worth it to write it down and figure it out.

I was in my room with my best friend "D1" and my ex-best friend who I hate "D2" although, I don't really remember seeing his face but I fet his presence.
Suddenly some guy (R1) from when I was in secondary (high) school came into my room asking for his samsung charger. I went to look for it and suddenly about 4-5 people came in but I could only identify 2 others, his twin brother (R2) and another guy from secondary, (R3). They were being loud and were pissing me off, and were shoving into me because they weren't paying attention but I was pushing them back.
Suddenly, I must of lost it and started screaming in R1's face. He tried to grab me but I punched him in the face and we ended up fighting. we ended up out of the room and I pushed him down the stairs a few times too. I ran back into my room to find R3 climbing out of my window, R2 and the rest were already down. I was screaming at him to get out so he jumped down then I closed the window. I ran back out of the room to find R1 climbing back up the stairs, I screamed at him to get out and he ran back down.
I remember feeling a little embarrassed then I came back into my room and saw D1's shocked face looking at me. then he said something like "he tried to grab you". I just sat down and said "I need a joint" and that's when I woke up, I think.

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  • I would say it sounds like you are feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment - There was so much going on in the dream and you couldn't control all of it no matter how hard you tried - Could that be a reflection of how you feel about life at the present time?


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