What do you call the lady that sells you your bread at a bakery chain?

I'm writing my CV in English , and I don't know what my job was called in English lol unbelievable but true.

I used to work at this bakery/cafe, serving people coffee, sandwiches, as well as cakes.
I do not make any of the stuff I served. So I'm definitely NOT A BAKER lol I coudn't bake a single cake if it were to save my life...

So what would you call me? Would the term "barista" also fit this job?

Only serious answers needed please. No Mr. or Miss kow-it-alls.


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  • Here in the US (I'm an ExPat from Austria) they tend to use general terms for titles. You can call yourself whatever you wish on your resume. This link is from the restaurant association and lists the various titles. What you call a bakery, they would call a cafĂ© here.
    I think that you would be a Counter Server. But that title might not be exactly accurate.


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  • I think counter staff/ waitress or barista.


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  • I'd say a waitress (if you need to serve tables) or a seller if you don't serve tables, but just sell over the counter. You're selling food instead of other produce.