Does it suck if I cannot drive but have to attend an internship?

What if the location is in some big cities like New York or Boston?

What if it is in some small cities like Worcester or New Haven?

What if it is in some villages or towns like Greenwich or Wellesley?

Does driving license matter a lot for me?


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  • Well, in NYC, no one needs to drive. You can get anywhere with public transportation. In Boston you need a car. Worcester and New haven have terrible bus systems and you need a car or you need to live close to work. There is also a LOT of crime in those 2 CT cities.
    You should always have a license in case you have to drive.

    • I have heard that New Haven is quite unsafe, but Greenwich? I have heard it is one of the wealthiest towns in CT.
      And generally, what do you think about the transportation system in towns or villages like Wellesley? Do you think I also need a car in that areas?

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    • I have heard that many people who work New York live in suburban towns and take public transportation into the city and work. Is that true?
      And thank you very much for your advice!

    • Yes, nearly the entire town does that. But it is expensive and you pay tax in NY and CT, not to mention over one hour commute time (including waits, train change).. CT taxes your assets as well as your income, too. You can deduct the double taxation on your federal taxes but that only recoups a little of it.

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  • Big cities it won't matter because of public transport - Might be an issue as locations get smaller