Did anyone visit hongkong, are average hongkongmen rich or poor?

my friend said hongkongese are very poor, only these people work for European companies are rich.

1) The GDP of hongkong is close to nothing.

that is why Soros can make hongkongese pee in their pants.

The GDP of America and Europpe is over 12 trillions/year,
$40,000 times 300,000,000 people

2) hongkong depends on worthless stock market and toilet-size houses.

in hongkong, if you have a toilet-size house, you are a rich man.

two of the three richest real estate tycoons are hongki, hongkong only gets a land of 1000 sq km.
World's richest real estate tycoons revealed - Financial Review

3) Many hongkongese are living in a cage,

Google - Cage dogs of Hong Kong: many hongkongese people are living in 6ft by 2ft
- 12 square ft "house."

4) The personl income of hongkong is world No 30.

List of countries by average wage , Wikipedia

5) There are many hongkongese girls are sex workers in USA.
did you see the movie "big trouble in little china"?
there is a ugly ass naked hongkongese sex worker in the movie.

The personal income of hongkong is world No 30(?)

List of countries by average wage , Wikipedia


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  • Most are poor or middle class. There's a very small percentage that's rich


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