How do I fix my Facebook privacy?

I put all my photos for only friends under the privacy section, so other people won't see me pictures on fb, but when I click the 'view as' to see what the public sees on my account, I see my profile picture Even though I oly put it for friends.


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  • The best thing to do is delete your facebook.

    • but it's important for me. That's the way I communicate with classmates

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    • I personally prefer face to face as well but due to our distance, it's more convenient sometimes just talking through Facebook. But technology is something we all must get used to. In my class, I even Had to have Facebook for participation to post news about the things we were learning on a page. So technology is embedded not only in our social lives, but education as well

    • I suppose it's useful if you're gonna go into marketing, beyond that I don't see the point. It's a big data gathering tool as well. These social media things are becoming less and less private as they subtly introduce more features that make it harder for you to hide your presence there. When I was on fb my profile picture wasn't of me, that's how I got around it.

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  • profile pic is for public.. it is written there too.. dont use your real pic as profile pic.. if you dont want anyone other than your friends to see it..

    • ohh ok. But if it's always public, than I don't see why even profile pics give us the option to choose who can see it if in the end, everyone sees it anyways

    • yeah.. that is just stupid.. haha..

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