Americans, is the reason you don't want stricter gun laws because you're afraid?

Sandy Hook, the Batman Shootings, Colombine, Virginia tech, these are but a few incidents that MAY (I repeat MAY) have been avoided if gun laws were stricter - not abolished completely.

Isn't it time you sit up from your coach and realise that maybe, just maybe gun laws need to be tightened?

If you have nothing to worry about, i. e no pyschological or criminal past, then why would it affect you?

These laws would be in place to stop psychopathic shooters from going on the loose.

- I believe every person who owns a gun now or wants to own should pass THOROUGH psycholoical testing/screening to deduce whether they are mentally sane enough to handle/carry a gun.

- Just like vehicules, guns of different callibers or forms (?) should be subject to different licensing types. A.45 handgun should differ from that of a Winchester repeater.

- A person owning above 2 firearms should pay added tax. The money from the taxes should go to teaching people how to lawfully use guns.

Thoughts? Other ideas?


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  • Great points, and I completely agree with you! However, a lot of these people obtain a firearm from someone who didn't intend to use it to go on a killing spree. Usually people have licenses for hunting or can keep a firearm for protection and if in their possession it should be okay. It's not. Break ins, and having no accessibility to get to their gun can be trouble. Family members who know where the gun is and how to get to the key to unlock it from safety are especially the problem. The person owning the gun can go through psychological testing and pass but what about their nutjob kid who the family therapist has a field day with?

    I especially like the idea of higher taxes. If gun-lovers want to keep that freedom of the 2nd Amendment then they should be willing to pay extra for it too.

    Nothing else seems to be working the more they try and resolve the issue with more violence to counter violence. If they did more research on nations like Brazil to see how bad bad can get then keep it up. Worst crime in the world for guns is in Brazil and the US is headed in the same direction.

    • "a lot of these people obtain a firearm from someone who didn't intend to use it to go on a killing spree." this can be very easily fixed... I've heard of hangun grip that is designated for one person and one person only: the gun owner. Like a digital imprint thing. This imprint would stop anyone else from firing the gun.

      Higher taxes usually help more than lower taxes.

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    • Yeah that's what I was waiting for too. Well, I've been roasted enough on this site in the last 24 hours about a couple of hot topics, so I'm going to take a break and get on with my day. :) Check in with you later.

    • I kind of agree, but gun laws are not thought through enough, you can't just take everyone's guns. If you are going into a bar and someone who had an unlicenced gun pulled out at someone, what would you rather? A bar full of armed Americans to draw and stop the criminal or everyone without a weapon to protect themselves? The cowards just go for targets who cannot defend themselves, people without a firearm that the coward knows can't hurt them and it makes them feel powerful. If nobody has a gun then who is the soft target, everyone! If everyone carries but is mentally stable enough to not draw on someone who slightly upsets them then they are no longer a soft target for the "cheaters" of the anti gun game. Not to mention that the country itself is protected by the carrying citizens. It's not the advanced military that scares away people like China from overthrowing us by shear numbers. It's the entire country of firearm bearing free men and women that is like our force field.

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  • Well, I'm not American, so I agree with your points. It's very simple: the facts speak for themselves. The fewer guns there are freely available in a country, the lower the crime rate. Some Americans believe that you need a gun because all the criminals have guns anyway, but this is actually not necessarily true. In my country Switzerland, the large majority of criminals don't possess guns. If you somebody breaks into your home for example, you can be 98% sure that this person is either not armed at all or armed with a knife. In Japan, guns are generally prohibited. Interestingly, Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Many conservative Americans like to use my country Switzerland as a good example why many guns don't automatically mean lots of crime. In Switzerland, military service is mandatory and every soldiers can (in fact he is obligated to) keep his army rifle after his service is done. What these American gun lovers don't understand however, is that we still have much, much stricter laws than most of the US states do. For example we're not allowed to walk around outside with this army rifle, not even outside of your own house (unless it is for military reasons of course). Plus, you have to go through a psychological test at the beginning of your military service and if the psychiatrists don't think you're mentally and emotionally stable enough, they won't hand out a gun to you. And ironically, the gun-crimes that are being committed in Switzerland are usually committed with an army rifle and not with a gun from somewhere else (which is MUCH hard to get access to), which again proves my point that opportunity makes a murder.
    Many American gun lovers falsely believe that if they encounter a dangerous situation, they can handle it by playing cowboy and shooting down the bad guy. I don't know if these people have watched too many Hollywood movies but clearly, that sort of thinking is totally delusional. Anyone who's ever been in a dangerous situation can tell you that this is not what happens. When people get into these type of situations, they usually just freeze and are unable to do anything at all.
    I also agree with you on the point that special attention should be given to certain calibers. Most of the US school shooting are committed with assault rifles. This is sick. Why would an assault rifle be available to anyone except soldiers? They're not made to hunt or shoot on tin cans, their only and sole purpose is to assault. To kill.

    • It's also interesting to point out to Americans that when we travel from country to country in Europe the heavily loaded border crossings who really take great measures to inspect and make sure there is no firearms. In the US and Canada, as strict as they might like to think they are *now* especially after 9/11 they are nothing like the European countries' borders! In fact, what the US's border is like now is much like how it was with us 25 years ago. We were already keeping our countries safe (r) back then. I am glad Switzerland seems to set a good example, but I also like to think our culture doesn't breed so much anger in people in the first place. The US is riddled with so many problems making people more and more angry every day. The poverty, the lack of care, the unemployment, the racial problems - they have so much to be angry about that they are killing themselves from the inside out. We don't have nearly have of those issues, and those that we do aren't nearly as bad.

    • I'm not quite sure if I can agree on the part with the borders. I don't drive a car, so I don't drive around Europe a lot. But I've always thought that since we've got Schengen-Dublin, the borders have become almost inexistent. I live about 20 minutes (by car/train) from the Swiss-German border and when I get on a train to Germany, they never care much, they just quickly wanna see my ID. When I fly, which I do quite a lot, I always feel like flying to America is by far the worst. I've got to ask tons of ridiculous questions such as "has anyone assisted you in packing your bags?" which of course you'd answer "no" anyway, even if it's a lie. When I fly to Spain or Sweden, they often care less. However, I do agree 100% with you on the angry culture part. I feel that way very much too. Discussions are a great example. When you talk about politics or religion in Europe and you've got a different opinion, you just agree to disagree. In America people get super pissed and aggressive.

  • I'm not American, but I'll still defend their right to own guns. Let them own as many hand guns and rifles as they like.
    It would be fair to keep some more military and destructive weapons out of reach of the average person. They could still be owned, if a licence is issued.

    If you believe that excluding criminals and dysfunctional people from holding a gun license, think again. It only puts up the price, and the person who sells them a gun makes more money.
    When they outlawed many guns in Australia, an un-registered gun suddenly became worth big money to criminals.

    Look at Switzerland : There is a gun in every house, and everyone does voluntary military service. The murder rate is minimal.
    The USA does have the highest gun ownership in the word, but not the highest rate of murders involving guns. They still have social problems (many of them financial, and inequality of wealth), which are causing those murders.

    • The US has one of the highest mass shootings rates in the world... you have to look at those stats along with homicides.

  • Only thing extra for me would be a ban on semi automatic weapons but your ideas make sense.

    • Semi-automatic only means self-loading. You just have to pull the trigger again to fire another round. It's been a feature of many guns for about the last 100 years.
      Even a non self - loading gun can put out 50 or 60 rounds per minute, with a good operator.

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    • What about for self defense against multiple attackers on a pistol. How about hunting, I mean hunting rifles are rarely used in mass shootings. More often it's a handgun or assault rifle.

    • they are the same. hand guns are semi automatic. you are thinking of machine guns and assault rifles, those are the one that you hold the trigger and everyone dies.

  • The only reason I would want a gun is because everyone else has one. if im the only one without a gun im dead in an apocalypse or shoot out or something. But yeah if nobody had guns then great I don't need one, thats 1000$ I don't have to spend because everyone is fucking insane.

  • If you start with criminals, what limit would there be on even tighter laws. If you give someone a little something , then they'll want it all once they realize how much there is. Look at the fall of the ussr and democracy. Look at taxes, they started at just a little and now are a lot but the government demands more. As for gun tax, once you have a little it will soon be a lot once the government gets a foothold. People should be allowed to have more than 2 guns free. I have a bb gun, air rifle, .22 for squirrels, 12 Guage for rabbits, game birds, and turkeys. Plus I have a rifle for deer hunting. I also want a pistol foe self defense. There is already tax when you buy the gun. NRA- Don't tread on gun rights.

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