Seriously, why is it better to be a guy, a man, as in human male? I often times hate being born male, bitter about it?

I hate how us guys are supposed and expected to be more mentally tough, emotionally stronger, we are expected to be leaders, be dominant, more assertive, we are expected to have passion, fire, drive, ambition.

We are judged and valued so much on our careers and finance, what we are doing with our lives or where we are headed in life, occupation, stability, income.

We are always expected to be the initiators in dating and relationships, sex, always having to make the first move, ask out, take the lead, etc.

I didn't ask to be born male, or heck I didn't even ask to be born at all, yet seriously, too many people argue and say, think we guys have it easier in life than women do, which annoys me.

And I sometimes am jealous, envious of how women are valued for their youth more than men are, because I feel women are far less likely than men are to miss out on all their teens or 20's for dating, relationships, sex
Why should a guy feel lucky he doesn't have a biological clock?
I'm so jealous of the power women have in their youth, in their teens and 20's it makes me even resent, have bitterness and hatred towards them
Seriously I'm often so bitter, angry, frustrated, pissed off, I feel like getting into a fight
and suicide has crossed my mind a few times as well too
There are times I'm so angry and bitter, resentful, frustrated, I don't feel like doing anything productive in my life
there are times i feel like once i hit my 30's, and if i have 20-something women hitting on me, i feel like rejecting them, saying to them "fuck you bitches, you girls didn't want my when i was in my teens and 20's, why should i give you a chance now?"


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  • Both genders have their own hardships. There's no "better" gender or gender who gets things easier than the other. Each have different set of obstacles that matter to the individual. Besides it's no good to generalize. A lot of what you say are generalizations. I mean I know plenty of females who initiate things romantically (including me) and who also need to have good careers. It depends on your family. I need to get a good job to provide for me and my family. So yeah basically everyone can have things bad it just depends on your circumstances.


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  • I didn't ask to be born female, yet here I am, playing the hand I was dealt.

    I'd MUCH RATHER be expected to be mentally tough, emotionally stronger, to be a leader, be dominant, more assertive, to have passion, fire, drive and ambition.

    I'd MUCH RATHER be valued by my career and finance, occupation, stability, income.

    I'd MUCH RATHER be expected to be the initiator in dating and relationships, sex, always having to make the first move, ask out, take the lead.

    You know why? Because all of those are or reflect CHARACTER traits.

    All the things you dislike is something people like me dream of being valued for. I want to be seen as more than an extension of somebody else. I want to be valued for what I've accomplished in life, not how hot and bothered I can get someone else who has.

    You may think it's hard to live up to those expectations and I don't disagree. However, those expectations are of your actual PERSON, of who you are or can become. They are of a person, who can make a difference and BE someone.

    When people have low expectations of you, while to some it may be liberating, to me - it's insulting. The thought that I can only do so well and that's okey dokey because I'm only female is spirit crushing.

    I want to be celebrated for my accomplishments that make an impact, for standing up in times of adversity, for the things that reflect my CHARACTER traits, instead of sitting there and looking pretty.

    I am more than just my outter shell and I want that to be recognised.

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    • Bitch you can't even handle my opinion.. I don't really need to prove my logic since you're doing it for me.

    • @Nuqood

      You have a very bizarre definition of handling things. Thanks for confirming your baseless bias yet again. :3


  • Guys do not have easier lives than girls. Girls and guys just have other life problems. It is society who screws up our expectations. If a guy is emotional, let him be! I mean, guys are humans too. And if a girl wants to be tuff or make the first move. Let her. She is not gonna sit and wait..
    Even if a man wants to be a woman , or the other way around. Please let them, whatever makes you happy.

  • i like being a woman.

    • yup, you don't have to make the first move, be the initiator, it doesn't matter how much money you make

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  • We also don't bleed, don't have to give birth, and don't have to sit when we pee. If there is reincarnation and I get to choose whether I come back as a woman or as a man, I'm choosing to come back as a man no question.

    I'm stronger than women, I'm funnier than women, I'm cooler than women, I'm more stable than women, I'm handier than women, I'm more logical than women, I'm more self-reliant than women.. why would I ever hate being a guy? Not only that, but I'm the one that fucks; I'm not the one that gets fucked.

  • I try not to get caught up in what I am and what I am not - To me I am just me and there is nobody else like me.

  • stop your whining, at least we don't have to put up with periods that shit is brutal

  • Both genders have their problems. It's not a specific gender which has it harder, but rather, the people who fall outside of the gender roles and expectations have it harder.

    As a submissive man, dating is very hard. I'd imagine the same goes for dominant women.

  • eveyone have problems of their own