Should there be a non-PC or controversial topics topic?

A lot of the interesting questions are censored, so why not create a separate topic for them so that those who want to see them could. It could be required that user's 18 to view it and that the topic would be blocked by default, so viewing posts under it would be an opt in completely voluntary thing, but would allow users to have those more interesting discussions about controversial things.

  • Yes, good idea.
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  • No, I don't like controversy, can't we pretend it's 1950?
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Anyone have a view on this?


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  • Good idea, won't happen. PC police are usually emotionally immature, you'd have better luck negotiating with a wall.

    • A wall can at least echo your ideas...

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  • I think all hell would break loose. People would have discussions in that topic, then bring it outside of that topic. As in, if they fell out with someone in the controversial topic area, they would pick on the users outside and cause arguments on other posts they make. Maybe if it could be guaranteed that everything would stay there but it would probably be spammed, GAG could lose users due to causing offence etc. There's just a lot of things that could go wrong with it and not much GAG could do to prevent them from happening.

    • Well you could make all posts anonymous within it if you think that's such a big issue, but I doubt that would happen.

      Also I'm suggesting that only 18+ users could view anything on this topic, and by default all users would have the topic blocked. So it's only those who would want to participate in it that would be exposed to any of it, so those people who get offended easily wouldn't need to look at any of it.

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    • yeah and beyond that... what people claim as the site being "too PC" is often just people venting at the fact that they can't address people the way they want to... like referring to women as mentally inferior lifeforms and whatnot

    • I'm talking about posting hateful questions, just things which are considered inappropriate.

  • Pedophilia is closely related to incest. This wouldn't look on GAG being associated with it. They used to allow the questions here but since changing the guidelines to cater for a younger bunch of users from 12-15. They have banned incest topic related questions.


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  • You know, every now and then i see talk of "non PC" stuff being censored on here, and tbh i find it to be a BS claim. What i find is that when people come to the sudden realization that they can't post stuff like "Why can't we deport all dem nigggers from my town? Keep it white and keep it right!" they'll make an anonymous question like this saying that GaG is too PC and that freedom of speech is being curtailed. All the while, people are able to post myTakes about how homosexuality is bad for America (just read that one a few weeks ago) and pretty much anything that doesn't incite hate/violence or anything overly explicit like porn. Most days, i struggle to see things that are remove-worthy.

    The only things that i find myself removing are direct personal/ad hominem attacks towards other users. If one doesn't understand why that isn't okay, at least from a business standpoint at a bare minimum, then the case may be that you are stupid for the internet. I've been here for years. Spent a lot of time as a normal user, and a lot of time as a mod... and at no time have i ever felt that the censorship was high here. What i find most common is that some people believe one of two things on here: 1) that freedom of speech means that no one can disagree with you.. and if a lot of people give you flack for a bigoted opinion by 2015 standards, it means that GaG'ers are anti- free speech or 2) They don't like the fact that they can't openly promote racial intolerance on a website that prides itself on being a forum for everybody. So when i see complaints like this on here, i take it with the biggest grain of salt known to mankind

    • It's bit ridiculous for you to assume I'm talking about anything race related, there's more to controversy than just race issues.

      Recently I had a question on sexual positions taken down for having links to sexinfo101 - even though aren't photos on there or even representations of genitals. It's an effective way of indicating what I was talking about. (Obviously it was asked and sexual behaviour.)

      In the past I'd had an incest related question removed for being explicit, now firstly it wasn't actually 'explicit', secondly it wasn't encouraging or justifying incest in any way, it was merely asking for peoples thoughts on why they consider incest to be wrong, and if they had a secular argument against it.

      There are other interesting questions which I've seen removed for being controversial in some way, and I think having a topic for them could help.

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    • and if you have a problem with a post of yours that you feel was wrongly removed, you can talk to the admins directly about it here:

      The admins do overturn decisions made by the mods... so if you actually feel like you've been wronged, i would take your case to them

    • No, it was months ago when they took that question of mine down.

  • But you know, this website is very politically correct. Not very likely to happen.