How do you buy shares?

I here about these investment opportunities in buying shares in a company, but can everybody buy shares, how do you know that there are shares for sale, and how do you go about buying them?


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  • There are three ways.
    1) through a brokerage like Ameritrade. This is how you buy most stocks. You set up an account with money in it. When you see a stock you like, you simply enter an online order to buy X number of shares for $X price or better and the order is "filled"
    2) before a company is public, Angel Investors can negotiate to buy shares at a privately negotiated price. You need to be careful and know what you are doing.
    3) before and during a company's public offering, the investment bank handling the offering for the company will set a price for shares that you can purchase, if you meet the investment bank's criteria (most require that you have at least $200K in the bank)

    • So if I want to buy shares from company x, I can simply hire a broker in order for him to do it for me?

    • well that is the expensive way. But, yes a broker can do that. If you use an online discount broker (Ameritrade, Schwab, e-trade) it is easier and cheaper.. You can use a full service broker but the commissions are high.

    • to know if the company has shares available (the question you are asking is if the company is public) just go to yahoo finance and search by the company name. This will give you the ticker symbol and a quote for the last trade. Stock quotes are given as Bid/Ask/Last. That is the highest bid price (what someone is willing to pay) the highest Ask (what someone is willing to sell it for) and the last trade (what the last trade was). Most stocks trade hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of shares a day. There is little chance that there is not trading occurring.

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  • i dont know much about this.. but i think you have to go to a stock broker..


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  • It's a bit of a confusing minefield. To buy and sell shares directly I believe you need a series 7 license. People sometimes buy shares through other means and then believe that's the direct way of buying and selling, but there's different types depending on what the company has on offer. Other ways of buying and selling that are probably more common is finding someone with a series 7 license, basically hiring the services of a stockbroker. This can also indirectly be done through application services, although I don't know if it would be the same type of stocks or some sort of packaged deal.

    Take a day off to read about it, or ask these people you heard it from how they get their stocks.

    • No, a series 7 license is what you need if you are a broker and want to sell and recommend shares to someone else.

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    • I was claiming that you'd have to basically be a broker if you wanted to do it yourself directly

    • no. easy stuff. I trade all the time. takes seconds to execute an order

  • You have to do it through a stock broker. It doesn't actually work the same as in GTA V.

    You literally have to call a stock broker and pay him his brokerage fee to do a transaction for you.

  • I think you have to get a broker

  • My account and financial advisers look into it for me and finds the best ones.
    Most people go on the stock market.

    • A financial advisor recommends which stocks (they are useless) but this guy already knows which stock to buy.

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