I feel like im not "good eough" as a person.. I dont really succseed I anything?

i can't help but feel like im "missing" something when it comes to my personality.

Its like everyone i meet either has a great body, is really pretty/handsome, is really sweet, is really funny. outgoing, gets good grades, gets dates and boyfriends/girlsfriends easly, has a lot of money, has a lot of friends etc.. yeah you get the picture..

And i feel like im dont have half of the disrable qualities and it makes me feel like im failing... For example when it comes to dating, i see really pretty people in realtionships all the time, and i see people i went to school with (not necessarly super attractive) and they get boyfriends/girlfriends because they are great people that a lot of people like.

And at school, everyone gets good grades and im barely making it... And of you can't forget people having friends, i dont really have any close friends.. and i dont know how to make new friends either..

My looks are okay i guess, but im not "perfect" so i dont see that as an advantage to be honest..

Why is life so unfair?


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  • You feel avg basically
    my advice find a passion, and dedicate a lot of time towards it
    Make sure its something admirable and rewarding

    Try Ballet, learning an instrument, get a talent and be a positive person and people will gravitate towards you

    • well im very into working out, and i feel good and i feel like im actually good at something when i do it.. but it can't work out everyday every hour, so when im not working out i kinda feel less good i guess

    • i use to feel the same way, i train a lot and used to feel useless when i wasn't playing soccer or at the gym
      You need a sense of purpose

      Try joining a club or group and get involved in something you are passionate about
      Do you like animals? volunteer at an animal shelter
      Keep active and you will feel better

      I also suggest reading, reading about philosophy or something
      The more knowledge you obtain the stronger you will be

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  • Seems like you have some self esteem issues and it is something that you should consider working on. If you find it difficult to work on your self esteem issues, you might want to consider talking to a counselor. I had self esteem issues for years and after seeking help to overcome them, I regret not seeking help sooner.

  • You are you and that makes you special - Nobody is any better or any worse than anyone else.

  • k the most important thing is that you will never feel adequate if you compare yourself to others constantly. We as humans have a tendency to underestimate ourselves in that sense, so you might be sweeter, funnier, and richer than the girl who's prettier than you, but still feel bad about your looks. ditto with the other stuff. focus on being you, and doing what you do best, and you'll be way happier-- and if you're happy with who you are others will like you for that too :)

  • Sadly we live in a world where looks are everything :/.


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