Who would you like to see join the current Spiderverse Saga in Marvel?

So there's this massive crossover going on at Marvel now, where they're taking pretty much every incarnation of Spider-Man ever and playing around with it. They even brought back Spider-Ham!

But there are always those versions that could get a good jab or two. And since Disney owns Marvel, a few of these should be easy to negotiate. Here are my top picks for who should appear next:

- Arachno-Duck (Darkwing Duck gets spider powers in one episode)
- Italian Spiderman (https://maafanficuniverse.wikia.com/wiki/Italian_Spiderman/IvanRider)
- Earth-92131 Spider-Man (1994 animated series)

They canonized Supaidaman now, and that includes Leopardon. Never expected that! So why not? What are your ideas?


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  • Spider-Verse already ended, now what is happening are the Secret Wars, where the survivors of the Great Hunt (Spider-Verse) are joining again in another Spider-Verse.

    • Good eye. I know they're covering Spiderverse in MAA right now for the Spec Op. Still, I think Italian Spiderman would be a hilarious addition. Though I'm pretty sure it's legally not possible.

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  • I want to see batman ahahah

    • MAA Fanfic Universe Wiki has dozens of versions of Batman interpreted as a sprite for MAA. I've so far submitted The Bison (not to be confused with M. Bison), Ciem, Extirpon, Gray Champion, Captain Morgan, Japanese Ronald McDonald, Italian Spiderman, Stung Hornet, and Annoying Orange. I'm probably gonna add Time Capsule to that site next.