I need a quote or something help a girl out?

Alright so I opened up to the guy I like and he's only the second person to know my whole life story. Metaphorically speaking I trusted him enough, to hand him a loaded gun, not knowing what he would do, well he layed that gun down. And it means a lot really it does. I've never trusted someone that much, and he hasn't went telling people. It means the world to me. So what kind of quote can I put on a snapchat selfie?


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  • Here is a quote I found on google
    "Trust is the fruit of a relationship in which you know you are loved."


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  • Hold the fuck up, It went from telling life stories, To pointing loading guns, To fucking snapchat selfies ?

    Plot fucking twist !!!

    • You don't get it. Did you go to 4 th grade? I said metaphorically.

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    • I was going to commit suicide, and my bestfriend told him the situation, and assisted her in helping me and talking me out of it. He and her are the only two that cares about me. Not even my own damn parents.

    • Ah shit dude, Sorry to hear it!, Goin through it myself atm :/.
      Wish you all the best in life matey ;)

  • Hemingway said, “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”

    Thank you for proving yourself trustful.

  • That escalated quickly. Sorry that wasn't the quote but I'm glad you found someone you can trust so much. I can't really think of a quote atm.

  • I'm REALLY confused by this question? What does him knowing your secrets have to do with a picture?

    • Because I have thanked him many times and now I want to take a snapchat selfie with a rad and cute selfie in an indirect way for saving my life. Because he's the 2nd person to know and yeah.

    • I find being both honest and direct to be the best approach in situations like these.

      Consider this. He hasn't done this for anyone but you. As a result, YOU are appreciative for what he has done. I'd suggest that if you truly want this to be a personal message that YOU speak from YOUR heart because it is YOUR heart that feels this way. Don't worry about sounding snappy or cool. Worry about how YOU feel about what HE has done for YOU! Anything less would simply be a lie.

    • Cause I've already sent him one.

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  • write something from your heart.

    • Well I can't cause snapchat is like limited to words. So something short and sweet. I can't think of anything. My heart is just happy.

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