Does he think she's the most attractive?

I heard my guy friend say "I'd fuck Jami the hardest" what does he mean by the hardest and how does it differ from "I'd fuck Jami hard"?
Does it probably mean that he's more attracted to Jami than the other girls (he wants to fuck)?

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  • Don't be to hung up on it. It probably comes down to how she behaves around guys. She probably has a flirty/promiscuous personality, and plays on it, not to say she acts on it.

    It's not a compliment for a guy to say how hard he want to f** someone. It's more of an insulting in my book. He is basically saying he only wants to use her like an object for his personal gratification ('hardest' serves to emphasizes this point, only).

    Being f**kable is like being a sperm bank to a guy. He just want's to make his deposit and leave when he's done. There's no more emotion in it than that.

    If a guy is really attracted to the girl than the word fuck would never come into the picture, even when he is just talking to his mates.


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What Guys Said 3

  • I think the difference is that she may be the most sexy, which is slightly different from hot. Also saying something like that implies he does not actually like her, he just wants to have some really rough steamy sex, nothing romantic.

  • In a very crude way it is a compliment

  • optiona a..


What Girls Said 1

  • That's not a compliment, he's objectifying her.