I overthink how all of that happened?

My first year in uni I felt uncomfortable about myself. I always thought that people would make fun of my body ( I have an inverted triangle body and I kinda thin). I felt uncomfortable so I seek attention and I do it without intending. I found this guy and I wanted his attention and yay I won his attention. I think i want any attention from any guy. It makes me feel better about myself. So.. That guy who I won his attention which I don't know how I did it. I started to like him and I looked at him and so on. I was kinda obsessed with the idea of the eye contact that lasted for 4 months. I used to look good for him because he notices me and he knows me and he grins at me, it made me feel better. I now regret it more than you can imagine. It's silly I know, but I keep thinking how did I garb his attention? It makes me feel uncomfortable... Yes, every time I pass by he looks he stares from far away he watches me talk. He strange, but maybe I was blind to an extant that I didn't even notice what I did? Who knows...
Maybe my obbsseion with him made him notice me? After spring break I stopped looking at him ( not the type who stares at guys just a glance and I pass by to notice me) but he kept looking and watching me from far away The thing I hate the fact that I am an attention seeker and ended up seeking attention from an handsome guy that made me ask myself what was I doing..
Can you analyze my actions and his actions?
Thank you,


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  • I think you are okay - He is just being friendly

    • I don't even know him at all! I just know his name so I don't know. He acts strange maybe cause he knows I like him.

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  • i dont think you're an attention seeker.

    • Why? I was too obbssed with the idea of passing next to him so that he would notice me...