Why should female tennis players get the same amount of prize money as men in the grand slam tournaments?

I'm talking about tournaments like the Australian open, the French open, Wimbledon and the U. S open where the men play best 3 out of 5 set matches and the women only play best 2 out of 3 set matches.

The men do it much tougher and do more work yet the women still get paid the same.

What is the justification for that?

Surely the men deserve more than the women in this instance.

Women should have to play the same amount to earn the same prize money, simple as that and there is no reason they can't.


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  • Only if they play best of 5 sets, just like the men do. The majors are "equality" events in name alone. The men still do more work for the same amount of pay. That's not equality. That's preferential treatment. Are women incapable of playing 5 sets? If not, then they can dig deep and play like the men do.

    • Of course they can play 5 sets. A female marathon in the Olympics is the same length as a male one so there's no argument they can't play as long.
      The men should still be paid more, this is a fiasco.

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  • Soccor players are amongst the highest paid people in the world. Nothing about sports wages and prizes are fair, or have much to do with hard work.

    I think the theory however is that paying the ladies equally is both 'fair' (in the feminist deffinition of the word) and will mean that the ladies take is seriously and compeat hard until they are working as hard as the gents do, and have the same viewership (which I believe they are only slightly behind on anyway). The simple fact women play with different rules is to try and make it inclusive, that's unlikely to change anytime soon just because guys are generally better build for strength and muscle, so will always have a physical advantage.

  • actually whoever has the highest tv ratings should get the most money. I know I prefer watching the women unless the elite men are playing

  • I think it should be shared equally

    • And what is your justification for that when the men are doing more work?

  • Serena Williams at the top of her game could beat the best male tennis player (whoever that is)

    Which is why tennis blows.

    You don't see the best WNBA player (whoever that is) getting LeBron money...

    • If you read the other comments you would know that Serena has played against a male player well outside the top 100 ranking and she was utterly thrashed.

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    • Yeah pretty much

    • disagree. Most the top males would beat serena because they are still faster and stronger

  • If you say it like that then they might as well make women play against men too.

    • No, THAT would be unfair because most of the women would be hit off the court. Even Serena Williams couldn't do it. She thought she could once and they set up a match between her and a man ranked 180th or so in the world. Serena was destroyed.

      But there's no reason the women can't play against each other for the same length of time.
      Till then they simply don't deserve the same money.

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