What do I do? Sensitive situation?

I recently had a baby. My husband is in love with him. But... He's not mine.

I carried him. I birthed him. He came from my egg and my husband's sperm. But I have no connection to him. I delivered him and they handed him to me and... Nothing.

I wasn't sure I wanted kids. The hubby convinced me that once I held my child I'd feel it. But I didn't. I handed him to my husband and haven't really held him since. There's a disconnect. I feel nothing for this child. He's 3 weeks old now and I still don't feel anything for him. They say a mother's love is instant and unbreakable but I don't feel love for him. I'm indifferent to his existence. This is hurting my marriage. My husband is angry that I don't feel for our son. But I don't feel like he's my son. I feel like he is the child of a stranger.

So I feel terrible because I know how I should feel for this child... But I don't. What do I do?


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  • Might be a bit of post partum depression - Check in with your doctor about


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  • You might want to consider seeing a therapist. It sounds like you have some deeper problems that is effecting your ability to bond with your child. Honestly most people on here don't know what they're talking about and this is a very serious issue.


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  • Divorce and let your husband find a woman that will love the baby.


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