Most unhygienic thing you have seen at a fast food store?

What would you consider to be the most unhealthy thing you have seen?

I once saw a rat at KFC lol.


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  • Ohh this at burger king
    In my moms burger
    Got all our money back

    Fuck fast food places
    This is why we always eat what we make at home =_=

    She was so close to eating that. Good thing she looked down. And that was a really busy ass day, so it was srsly inconvenient. I felt so bad. She was nauseous all day.

    • What Is that?

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    • Did they offer free burgers?

    • @I_am_repulsive no, we just got our money back and they genuinely apologised. Besides we dont have the money for lawyer or the time =_=
      We just won't ever go back.

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  • At a store an employee dropped a whole bunch of bread on the floor.
    Instead of asking that employee to throw it out , he said "pick it off the floor and put it back on the shelve".

    Also at this job during closing there were employees having sex behind the counters and in the bathroom (I worked there at the time)

  • Recently a McDonald's was closed down in my city because they had a mouse infestation... it's been on the news a bit lately...


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  • I saw an employee at McDonald's mopping the floor and than go behind the counter to make a burger without washing their hands or using gloves.

    Also my SO and I were at a Chinese buffet in town and I went to open the menu and underneath the plastic was a cockaroach crawling around... we left at this point.

    • Both of them are sick, that McDonald's thing is disgusting , I hope you never go back there

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    • How many rats can they have?

    • Dunno but is DOH sees roaches/rats they refer pest control to food establishment... they more look at proper food temps, hygiene and make sure food is not becoming contaminated

  • Not really a fast food joint but while i was at a boarding school when i was 16, we did a sting operation on mess workers and proved that they didn't bother to clean their hands after taking a dump and used those same hands to kneed the dough. The whole staff was changed the next dat

    • How did you find out they didn't wash their hands?

    • The washing basin was right outside the small cubicle of a toilet that was provided to them and the camera was installed slyly on top at an angle in direct focus of the basin

  • I worked at a place that would take cardboard boxes that had been sitting on the floor, put them on the counter, and place food directly on them. They did this so they could clean up faster. This was actually a policy that was being enforced by management so they could get out of the store about 2 minutes earlier than if someone had to wipe down the counter.

    • What kind of food was that?

    • Mostly they were setting fries, corn dogs and other fried foods on it. The other places I worked for were a lot cleaner.

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