Can you describe your favourite book character?

I have my Hungarian exam tomorrow and I don't know about who to write and what to write. 😂 I need just 10 sentences.
Can you help me please? ☺


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  • My favourite character is Grantaire from Les Miserables. He's a young man who drowns his sorrows in alcohol and tries to forget that his friends are doomed to die. He's an artist, a drinker, a fighter, a lover - in fact, he says the only things he understands is love and liberty. He's very funny and highly intelligent, but he doesn't see it and he puts himself down all of the time. If he was alive today, he'd be diagnosed with depression. He's optimistic at heart but refuses to let himself be because he knows that he'll end up getting hurt. He loves his friends dearly and doesn't want to see them die, and feels useless knowing that there's very little he can do.

    • Oh wow u r so nice. Not sure i would have written it for her :D

    • She still has to translate it and that can be pretty difficult, to get all of the tenses right and some of the idioms, especially when you consider that online translators to do it for her would likely get it wrong :/ She still has to put in a lot of work :)

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  • Alice.
    A 15-year-old teenager, she the oldest and the leader of the group. Her mother is a music teacher and her father a soldier. She possesses the ability to hear sounds below and above the absolute threshold of hearing. The artist of the group, she likes painting and to play musical instruments, she also loves to play with her fans which she uses to impulsate her paper planes. She (almost) always dresses in blue. Her element is air.

    She is a minor caracter from an upcoming novel co-written by the daughter of a fellow GaGer.

  • mr darcy. he's just a jerk with a good heart i guess.

    not going to give u 10 sentences lol.

  • Harry Potter has glasses and a lightning shaped scar