Why is she behaving like this?

I know this girl who simply cannot agree with me on the slightest things.

Like if I’ll say, ‘this thing is really great,’ she’ll sort of be like, ‘nahh not really I didn’t think so.’

I find it hard to talk to her.

When I walk into a class too, she’ll be sitting there with her phone, almost irritated at my presence. When she was on her phone and I was politely talking to her, sensing she didn’t want to talk I stopped.

She actually moved her laptop away from me. I was like lol seriously.

Or before going too she’ll have this ‘whatever’ attitude to saying goodbye.

You know what I think this is about? Because I’m really confident/easy-going, she tries to act like she’s smarter.


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What Guys Said 1

  • She might be jealous of you - Where you ever friends before?

    • No we are 'new' friends.

What Girls Said 1

  • she's insecure.

    • Do you think she's jealous?