Whoelse likes this song?

even if udk what it means :)

This is from Korean drama Heartstrings: about traditional Korean music and rock music. Also love is involved :D

Oh lol u r right!
Here goes the link:


Sorry guys 😅


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  • OMG, now I have to watch the whole show *w* thanks for sharing this ahah

    • Oh, and the music is pretty enjoyable!

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    • :D Nice that u liked it. Another sugestion... If u hVent watched it yet, watch Kdrama: Lie To me. One of my absolute favourites

    • I will! It's in my plan to watch list now :) Thank u!

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  • The song is blah but now I'm kind of interested in seeing the show all those clips were taken from.

    • Do u like korean dramas? I thought i wouldn't like them when people recommended them to me. But they are actually quite entertaining. Some are even so different from the norm of roamntic comedies

    • I tried to watch one once but gave up 5 minutes into it cuz I hate reading subtitles.

    • Ah got it. although subtitles are almost a norm here in Portugal. We do have to watch American movies too and dubbed is not as good

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  • u forgot the link, but all songs from heartstring were geat :D