Do you think that high level employees/bosses remember when a low level employee says that they have a skill that the company didn't hire them for?

Basically i work at a big music store and can make a part for electric guitars. I told one if the bosses that i make them and he asked if i had a website (i dont have a company yet), which i dont because i am just starting out.

But i asked if i could sell to other employees and advertise to the employees as there are many. He said that he would have to ask somebody above him and that he would write it down.

Do you think that high level employees rrmember thing that their low level employees ask? Do you think he will tell the higher employee or just forget?


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  • A capable officer should remember such things but usually they too have an overload of work.

  • Probably forgot and you'll have to remind him again because it's not really his concern