Have you ever been to an endodontist?

Hello everyone :)

So I'm someone who suffers from mild to extreme dental phobia and I was told a while ago that I had a pretty infected tooth that needed a Root Canal. I had a Root Canal started last week with my general dentist and it... Well, it didn't go so well. She injected me right into the pulp chamber which kinda hurted quite a lot and sent me flying into the roof. Then, after the hardest part was done (removing the pulp and the nerves), and when all that needed to be done was reshaping the tooth (usually people don't even need to be numbed down for this), she couldn't do it without me feeling major pain, so she sent me home with a temporary filling, part of which fell off 2 weeks ago.

And meanwhile another tooth (that she negleted to treat for over 5 months) got infected and hurting like heck by the end of last month. However I'm thinking of going to an expert this time, because even the thought of being injected like that again freaks me out a whole lot. An endo is supposedely someone with a lot more experience on how to circumvent pain and has several methods to deliver a painless treatment.
Even if it still hurts as bad, I think I'd be in better hands with an endo.

If anyone has any experience with this kind of service, what did you think? Was it a "more-comfortable-than-I-was-expecting" experience?

*root canal started last YEAR, not last week


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  • I did have to see an endodontist a few years ago and it was a lot like going to see a dentist and doctor at the same time. Honestly it was not that bad of an experience.

  • I've had a lot of dental work, and root canals, with the appropriate amount of Novocain (or whatever it is), are no worse than a simple filling, they just take a lot longer. Once the nerve is gone it's biologically impossible for that tooth to cause you pain.

    A regular dentist can do the crown. I always got numbed up because it hurt in the surrounding tissue. And although the tooth didn't have a nerve in it, the work she did transmitted the small impacts of the dental tools through to my jaw. It didn't hurt but it was weird and alarming to me so I asked for and got Novocain.

    My experience with an endo was good. He knew what he was doing and did a good job.