The coolest soundtrack you know?

So, tomorrow is my sister's birthday and i created a video with pics from her childhood till now (she's turning 20) and im looking for an awesome song to play in the background.. I first thought of "you can't touch this" by Mc Hammer but i need more ideas :D
Y'know, sth like "Sexy and i know it" cuz she has pretty sexy pics when she was a kid :p
I would reallyyyy appreciate your ideas!


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  • HAPPY 20 BIRTHDAY :D ( To her haha )
    Well I once did something like that to my family ( just for fun ) And I put a song called " The Story Of My Life " by One Direction :) It was AMAZING coz in that song They put their old pics too so I think it would really suit ur idea :D Good luck with choosing the right song :D


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  • Aww, what a sweet idea, happy birthday to her ^_^
    I'm not that good with choosing soundtracks, but I'll try, lol :P
    Modjo - Lady
    Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
    Late Night Alumni - Seemingly Sleepy
    Le Babar - Moonlight