Why do the attractive kids choose to be in the same group if they aren't friends?

We all got to pick groups. The class has 5 groups total and all the groups were the same gender but in this one group There were like 3 girls and 4 guys.

one is a preppy jock, one is a super popular outgoing guy, one girl is hot and in band, one girl is hot but quiet, one guy is in theatre.

They don't hang out in the same social groups but most of them are sought after by other guys/girls. I've never even heard them talk before besides the girls sometimes do and 2 of the 4 guys are friends.

How do they even know each other? They all have different friends in this class but yet they chose to be in this one group together?

The 3 girls in that group were the hottest in the class. I don't know about the guys but I'm assuming girls like them too. At least 3 out of the 4.


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  • this doesn't happen that often.


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  • Popularity is power

    • They aren't all popular but the girls are the hottest few in class

    • Sorry for some reason i read popular instead of attractive

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  • I think it just worked out that way