I'm a 15 year old girl and going to London and Paris for two weeks with my parents. The thing is I've never been personally to anywhere in Europe especially London or Paris, so if anyone that lives or has visited either of those places please be kind enough to suggest things to wear, where to go, how the weather is there. Ya know, such things as that would be really helpful!


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  • I'm not from Paris but lived there for a while. The teenagers there develop something known to Anglo's as 'Le Look' it is there personal sense of style and they do a better job.

    Don't wear sport shoes, DO NOT hug the rail on the metro it is rude as others can't hold on and they will know you are American. Comfortable sandals are the best option if you are walking a lot. Skirts are better than jeans. Do learn a few common French phrases, they will appreciate it then start speaking English .

    Most likely though you won't be leaving the Touristy area so you will meet more Americans than Parisians this time of year. Try to make it to Musee d'Orsay which is their modern art Museum you will find it more interesting than Le Louvre.

    Oh and as far as shopping that you can't do in the U. S. try to convince you parents to take you out to Les Puces. A world famous flea market not too far from Moulin Rouge.

    Have fun!

    • Here's another link. It is simply my favorite thing about Paris. And there are little food cart venders that you must try as well. Real Paris street food. It is on the North side of Central Paris but the metro ride is not bad at all, just don't get pick pockets. Where a running belt with your money if you have one around your waist.

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  • While I am part French sadly I've never been to Paris. I've always wanted to go, I would advise seeing the Eiffel Tower its a wonderful piece of architecture. Besides that learn some French hello, goodbye, thank you etc and a little conversational French. They will all appreciate you learning a little bit of it and hopefully switch to English since your French won't be that good.

  • A lot depends where you are coming from - London is probably quite warm now but if you are from a warmer country you might need a light top or jacket whereas I would be happy just in a shirt.


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  • When are you going and what are your interests? Both have variable climate, so you need clothes for both warm and rainy weather. Its both a modern city, so you can dress whatever you want. I live in Antwerp, but often go over there for my job.

    • Leaving June 2nd and staying there for a month. I love anything that has to do with creativity and my dad loves history. (:

    • I meant for two weeks not a month. (:

    • History won't be a problem, not in London and not in Paris. If you mean art by creative, Tate in London. Rodin in Paris. The other musea are well known, so you can check the internet. There are funny walks in London with a drama guide.