What are your opinions on remakes/reboots?

How do you feel about Hollywood rebooting franchises and remaking classic flicks... I mean do they need to try again with fantastic 4, reboot spiderman again even though I know he had multiple comic series or redo Big trouble in little China? What are your thoughts and let's hear an example of a movie that got ruined by remakes... and robocop is a no brained so don't say it... lol


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  • the first fantastic 4s were before the marvel cinematic universe and they wanted to choose their own actors and stories. the 1st spiderman reboot happened because they didn't like toby or the direction it was going. the 2 happened because sony sold spiderman to marvel and they are picking a new actor to cut ties with sony. there won't be another spiderman reboot itll just continue from there under the assumption you already know spiderman

    • Are you talking about 1st fantastic 4 movie from the 90s that was never supposed to see the light of day but got leaked to the internet.

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    • Yeah true... I didn't say I hated Andrew garfield but he does have that snappy spiderman wit

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  • I dunno about you but I'm getting really tired of having to see Uncle Ben die, and I don't want another spiderman remake, even if I do love him. I think that, if the reboots are done well, it can be really good (like they rebooted Jurassic Park and it was amazing, I'm glad they brought the franchise back) but a lot of the time it's unnecessary.

    • I don't consider it a reboot seeing as the story takes place awhile after first film... terminator can kinda be a reboot because it takes place along a time line already used in film.

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    • I guess since there is nothing connecting this film to the previous 3 than it is a reboot of series upon further reading... if watching the previous movies had some significance to understanding this one than it would be a sequel.

    • There's no real need to watch the first 3 films, the plot's pretty basic (create dinosaurs, dinosaurs will fuck shit up) and they haven't kept too many references to the old films.

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  • I liked Andrew Garfield in TAS but if spidey was too appear in the MCU, a reboot was inevitable. Don't like the new FF4 solely due to fact that a black person was cast as Johnny, now I'm not a racist or anything but how would you feel if they cast a white guy as Black Panther or Falcon. People would probably be outraged, talk about double standards.

    As for remakes/reboots, I'm sure everyone's glad they rebooted the batman series after the Batman & Robin disaster and the remake for Dawn of the Dead is a pretty good example of a remake that was actually better than the original.
    I guess these are just exceptions since the majority of remakes/reboots actually suck.
    The Karate Kid "Jaden smith should never act again"
    Clash of the Titans
    The Bad News Bears
    The Women
    Conan the Barbarian
    Ice Castles
    The Goodbye Girl
    The Truth about Charlie
    The Wolfman
    and countless others.

    • The human torch being black is not a big deal... similar occurrence happened in daredevil with Michael Clarke Duncan cast as kingpin.

    • I know but that means he's no longer the Johnny Storm we know from the comics, no blonde hair, no longer biologically related to sue and after watching the trailer Michael B. Jordan just doesn't give off the vibe that Johnny does, he seems way too stern. I mean come on they aren't even the same character except for the name and powers.

    • Well if it tanks the movie than that's their fault for not staying true to the comics.. but I wasn't going to see the flick anyways so I could care less who's cast as who

  • I am not a fan of remakes - Very rarely is the remake better

  • Rarely works. I'm still one of the rare few who strongly dislike the new Tomb Raiders, although apparently that means I'm against progression or something like that.

  • I dont care.. I am just the ordinary audience looking for just a 3 hour fun