About how much would it cost to build a computer desk?

Nothing too big but big enough to put school supplies on along with my laptop. Maybe with a drawer or two.


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  • Buying one? About £75-£300 depending on quality and size.

    I build desks and cabinets and wardrobes and shit for a living at work, And normally when i build a good desk it will cost about £125 in materials (Not to mention the £500-£700 worth of drills and saws i use to cut and put it together).
    Tbh, you'd be better buying one then making one if you don't have the tools ;)

    • Well, If you wanted, You could probably get one very cheap for like £25-50, But, It would probably be very shit quality :/. I mean, It would get the job done, but it would just look bad and not last long ;)

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    • To be honest dude, If you just buy some sheets of wood, And have a hand saw (Like £10) and any Drill. he could do it quite easily, It dosen't take much, I mean, I'm only 16 and have only been working as a carpenter for a year and i can put a desk together in a couple hours, I'm sure your dad could do it if you asked ;)

    • Okay thank you. I think he could do it too if I asked which if I remember I will ask when he get home.

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  • You can buy one on Craigslist. com cheaper than building one.

    • I just looked before posting this question. The desks there were kind of expensive and the cheapest one was $30 but it wasn't in the best shape. I can ask my dad to make one for me since he is pretty good at that stuff.

    • It will cost him more than 30. Keep looking on craigs list. Lots of things pop up there.

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