Anyone got some Writing Help?

I'm a young author, but sometimes need a few ideas/metaphors/words etc to help me along a tad.
So, if you've got any story ideas or descriptive words/similes/metaphors etc, please let moi know!


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  • Write a story about a man who meets his alter ego every night through a mirror in his hallway.

    • Ooh, that's actually a really good idea! Do you mean like someone exactly the same as himself, or someone who looks just the same, sounds the same but has the opposite personality?

    • You make that decision.

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  • I tried being an author, wrote one semi-interesting short story in high school (thats what my father called it) But damn it I lost the file for it. Did they have little pocket Flash Drives 8 years ago when I was in HS? I don't remember lol.

    • Ah, well, you tried.
      It's like when I first rode a horse and broke my arm.
      I'm still riding today, though. I'm just learning to canter.
      You'll find something, if you haven't already!

    • It was more like a Stephen King style horror short story. I love Stephen King's books and movies. Stephen King is an excellent author. If I remember correctly, he played a part in The Stand (movie) and played the Priest at Judd Crandall's Funeral in Pet Sematary (movie). Strangely, no Stephen King movie scares me.

  • Google snowflake program that may help you out.


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