How to recover the confidence?

I lost my confidence maybe I lost it because of many situations but now It's hard to live like that.
I fear to do anything new. I fear to know new people because maybe they could hurt me in anyway.
the thing bothers me


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  • Gah. Been there friend.

    Unfortunatly the answer is: Slowly.
    Anything you can do to get yourself out and facing your fears is good. Gently push your limits, but don't overwhelm yourself.
    Find someone you can trust and talk it through with them. Someone you know, or someone you don't. Perhaps a councellor, or someone online. You'll find saying it outloud rather than in your head, makes it easier to identify the aspects which are irrational and should be ignored, and help identiry key areas you can work on.


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  • just try2 think, not all people r shitty... maybe u met just some shitty people, but not everyone's shitty ;)

  • It takes time to build confidence back up - Keep at it

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