80s music poll: Favorite album by Wax (aka Wax UK)/10cc?

Wax were a pop-rock band active in late 80s. It was a collaboration between Andrew Gold and 10cc’s bassist Graham Gouldman. They released nice pop tunes like “Ball & Chain” “In Some Other World” or “Bridge To Your Heart”

10cc were mostly known for their 70s works, but they released some albums during da early-80s as well, yet not so successfull

  • Magnetic Heaven (Wax)
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  • American English (Wax)
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  • A Hundred Thousand in Fresh Notes (Wax)
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  • Look Hear? (10cc)
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  • Ten Out Of 10 (10cc)
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  • Windows In The Jungle (10cc)
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  • Hello my friend. :) the only song I remember from Wax is Bridge to your Heart because it made it to the top 20 when I was following them. I did not know about the 10cc connection. I do have a few albums of them.

    • by 10cc u mean?

    • Yeah. They were nice for easy listening.

    • "dreadlock holiday" was my fav by them. it was more reggae-ish though

  • Definitely option G bro

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