What was pregnancy like for you or your partner?

I was on youtube and this user was describing her 3rd trimester trials. She made it sound pretty rough but did put a disclaimer because she was relatively short.

Anyways, women of GaG :) What was pregnancy like for you

And other GaGers, what was pregnancy like for your partner.

Also, how old are your kids now :)

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  • My daughters going to be three in January.
    I didn't get morning sickness or stretch marks when i was pregnant with her. i did go into labor early from eating bacon though, the shot they give you to stop contractions is god awful...
    everything went perfect for me the only thing that sucked was healing... so many stitches and now i have awful anxiety -_-

    • Wow, how did bacon cause early labor? (glad I don't eat meat for future references :3 muahha

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    • I had an eating disorder since i was 9, it went away when i was pregnant then came back full force after i had her and i almost died. it was awful,
      i'm better now though (:
      still try not to eat meat much

    • I'm happy you're better now. Hmm, I don't know you, but you're beautiful :)

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What Guys Said 5

  • my wife is pregnant now
    growing life
    the excitement
    there is a definitely glow about her

    back pain
    loss of stamina
    can't sleep on stomach
    and towards the end a general overwhelming feeling as the baby drops down in prep for delivery

    overall I think my wife is very happy and wouldn't trade the experience for anything

  • I would say it can be very tough

  • is pregnancy really dat painful? i've heard rumors bout it dat it's like ["being kicked in yer balls" ^ 3 ] or so.

    • it's probably worse than being kicked in the balls... imagine trying to squeeze a grapefruit of your anus. that's essentially the size of a babies head

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    • thanks. I think getting kicked in the balls is a one time shock of pain where as giving birth is hours and hours of consistent pain. I imagine the greatest moment of pain is being kicked in the balls but at least that pain subsides quickly whereas labor can last up to 2 days

    • nah dude the worst thing about it is healing, the stitches you get in your vagina are horrible.

  • She whined and complained the whole time. I was trying to watch Batman on TV and I could hear her throwing up in the bathroom. Then when I was in the middle of winning at Mortal Kombat she "suddenly" had to go to the hospital. She's like so selfish. Then there was the screaming which was annoying because I brought my PSP and couldn't concentrate on finishing Wild Arms. Pregnancy was the worst for me and all men.

  • I know when my girl was pregnant with out twins there was a lot of complications and towards the end she was admitted to bed rest at hospital for a month and a half.


What Girls Said 2

  • I've never been in this position personally but hearing about it from friends, the experience varies for each person. Some people don't feel it at all, while others are miserable and suffering

  • I felt okay. I had my bad days but I also had good days. I went crazy nesting, then I had a high sex drive. Then once I was close to going into labor.. It was more painful but weird. My body felt awfully weird.