My ex still finds excuses to talk to me, does that mean he misses me?

Our break up was mutual, we decided to try and remain friends, but of course that's going to take some time. I told him I needed space to figure things out before having a platonic friendship with him. I've tried to limit my contact with him as much as possible but he still texts me things that don't really seem neccessary. I posted a picture online and he texted me about it, instead of simply commenting. Lately, it seems like he's been trying to get my attention or looking for an excuse to talk.


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  • That may be his way of simply being friendly. He doesn't know how much space you need because you probably didn't tell him.

    Just text him back that you need about a week or two of no contact before you two can resume a friendship.


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  • Sounds Like he still has feelings for you


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