Have you ever had a series of different dreams where in the middle or end of them, you see that one person who makes you feel safe from everyone else?

I've been having the same series of dreams about a girl i used to have a crush on since my freshman year of high school. Unfortunately i was to late to ask her out since someone beet me to the punch. After those 4 years came college and id run into her on very little ocassion but nothing really happened. I started noticing that ever since the first years of college i started dreaming a series of different dreams that had no relation which each other what so ever but only to find that whenever she was there everything felt real, warm, quiet, vibrant, radiant as if you're waking up in the morning and the sun slowly wakes you up only to find the silhouette of her smile and her arms around you.

Can somebody please help me with this? Why do you think she is always in my subconcious? Why do i still dream about her if we dont even talk to each other anymore? Does it mean i still have feelings for her or just regret from my past?


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  • I think it may mean you still have feelings..

    In my dreams, the guy ways turns into different guy. 😐

    • Woah thats interesting in mine she basically is that light in the middle of the darkness.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion :D

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  • I think it means you still have feelings for her

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