Which song you think is the best they have done?

Which of these songs do you like the most:

Hardstyle [Den Sjö 'Mix']
Euphoric EDM [Den Sjö Remix]
Glitch Hop [Den Grímsdóttirs Remix]
Future Garage
Dirty Electro House 01
Essential EDM 01

You can also listen to the other songs from the same set here
Tónlist & Settur: Den Óþekkt Skrif

You can visit their official blog here (it hasn't been uptaded in a while):
Loskov Rodzinny Fyrirtæki

If you don't like any please refrain to make rude comments.

  • Hardstyle [Den Sjö 'Mix']
    Vote A
  • Euphoric EDM [Den Sjö Remix]
    Vote B
  • Glitch Hop [Den Grímsdóttirs Remix]
    Vote C
  • Future Garage
    Vote D
  • Dirty Electro House 01
    Vote E
  • Essential EDM 01
    Vote F
  • Other (mention)
    Vote G
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  • Not my type of music but of choices Glitch Hop

  • I voted D.


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