How should I do my hair for a upcoming wedding I am attending?

I am invited to this wedding and I am debating on two dresses one is royal blue and has one sleeve which is bell sleeved and is mid length and the other one is black and has a mid to high slit and is tank styled and is mid length as well. Which one would be better and why?
And my hair is mid to long in length how should I wear it? In loose little curls? With only my bangs pulled back? Or straight and all my hair down? Or straight and only bangs up? Or in a bun or a high ponytail? Or other?


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  • Step #1: Get hammered...
    Step #2: Look through latest gossip magazine and trash talk celebs you think you're hotter than...
    Step #3: Take note of said celebs fab hair!
    Step #4: Drink pain of lingering memories of recent ex away and try to envision meeting 'the one' at the weeding tonight; it will be just like the movies!!!
    Step #5: Attempt to emulate stupid celebs hairstyle from step #3.
    Step #6: Apply copious amounts of hairspray and makeup to match storybook hairstyle
    Step #7: Quit smoking and avoid flames for the next 3-5 days.
    Step #8: Enjoy said wedding and reception, continue to self medicate with copious amounts of alcohol!

    Ok... sorry. Had to have some fun...

    Any who... I'd suggest something moderate to refrain from taking too much attention from the bride. Don't want HER to be upset! Also, keep in mind you're probably going to change or at least want to be able to relax AFTER the wedding so you don't want to keep having to fix or adjust at the reception. Finally, do you! You already know what looks the best, just step it up a notch?

    Best of luck!!!


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  • I like the sound of loose curls


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  • Can we see pictures? And how about a bun?

    • Pictures of those styles?

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    • mean

    • Oh... you can't do that right now. You already posted the question. If they're online, you can simply copy and paste the link in your update box to update it.

  • An updo.(filler)

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