80s music poll: Your favorite album by Doctor & The Medics/Then Jerico/T’Pau/Shakespears Sister?

All of em were pop-rock bands active in da late 80s mostly. OK they might b active 2day, but they were successful in late 80s mostly.

My fav among da list, maybe would b Then Jerico’s The Big Area or T’Pau’s Bridge Of Spies, mostly.

  • Laughing At The Pieces (Doctor & The Medics)
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  • I Keep Thinking It's Tuesday (Doctor & The Medics)
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  • First (The Sound Of Music) (Then Jerico)
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  • The Big Area (Then Jerico)
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  • Bridge Of Spies (T'pau)
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  • Rage (T'pau)
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  • Sacred Heart (Shakespears Sister)
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this is da "80s music poll" wid most opinions... never x-pected this, since these bands r not so known o_O


Most Helpful Guy

  • They're all crap

    • i know i know... only bands from 80s u like r Asia & Yes LOL

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    • thanks 4 da invite though :D

    • Wow thanks for mho

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What Girls Said 2

  • I keep thinking its Tuesday
    Sacred heart

  • Then Jerico is cool
    voted c

    • yup, yet very underrated they had many nice songs ("The Hitcher" would b my fav), although "The Big Area" was a big hit back then.

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    • so beautiful thanks for sharing

    • u r welcome :)

What Guys Said 5

  • I keep thinking its Tuesday by doctor and the medics because of I want to choke on your love.

    Reminds me of a particular ex.

  • Shakespeare Sister for me I think they were the best vocalists

  • o. O I'm from the 80's and I only recognized two of those bands. I did like T'Pau.

    • da other one might b Then Jerico i guess?

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    • I loved their whole career, but I agree, Invisible Touch was an awesome album. I evolved into a 90's creature somewhere along the way and remain that, but I like modern alt rock like Ten Years, Amaranthe, Young Guns, and Pop Evil. Love Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Metallica. For some reason, angry music makes me feel better, especially if I'm suffering my latest and most spectacular failure at a relationship. :P

    • like some 90s as well... but i like eurodance/techno from 90s mostly

  • I liked Bridge of Spies although Rage was not too bad either.

    Dr n the medics? Did they have the hit Spirits in the Sky? Used to love that song.

    • x-actly bro... it was their biggest (and only maybe) hit

  • Doctors and the medics ^_^