Any dermatologist around here please?

You know how the human body seems to find every opportunity to dispose of toxins and unwanted substances. For example if I recall correctly Arsenic is found in the hair of victims who where poisoned with Arsenic, because the human body tries to get rid of the toxic via that path.

Now could it be that some toxins are excreted together with the oil that comes out from oil glands?
I don't know if the oil is reabsorbed by the skin to be honest.


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  • Hmm, that's a really good question. Unfortunately, I'm not a dermatologist. I suppose it's possible that toxins could be excreted along with our oil but I don't think that would be very efficient.

    • How come did you take some interest in this question? Are you studying biology?

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    • I thought that it would be someone who is or has studied biology. Well, thank you for the interest. :)

    • No problem ;)

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