I feel like I'm the mother to my sister in this family?

When I was growing up I was raised by my grandmother. My mother would work 24/7 as a live in-home health aide. I would see her afterschool and then she would drop me off as she was only two blocks away from my grandma's house. My mother had me when she was 18 and in my opinion was never really emotionally, mentally and financially stable to take care of me anyways. My father and her were separated due to him being abusive but he never abused me and we had a great relationship though we rarely saw each other and unfortunately I lost my father at the age of 11 due to cancer. My mother and I never had a healthy relationship but it was starting to improve until recently. My mother and step dad which is who I live with now are constantly arguing and sometimes it gets physical. One night she almost attacked me for trying to stop the fight especially since I have a baby sister whose 7 months and my step dad had to hold her down. She tried to commit suicide recently by attempting to jump off the balcony so I had to call 911 and she's currently hospitalized. When my step dad and mom are at work I take care of the baby sometimes I have to help even when they're home I never have free time and when I go out with my boyfriend I take the baby with me. I was thinking of filing for custody in the future when I'm financially stabled though I know this will take years. What should I do?


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  • I would do research on the the web and see are their child support helplines who may be able to give expert guidance to your situation. You definitely need to talk to someone even if it is just for peace of mind

    • I see you everywhere lol and thank you for the advice :)

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    • Social services JUST got involved.

    • I hope it works out for you if you ever want to talk PM - Just send a follow request first my profile is private

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  • If your mom is not emotionally stable and your stepfather can't really control the situation it would be better for your baby sister to live with you in peace an quiet. The only thing is that your parents won't just hand her to you. They'll probably get lawyers and resist. In the meantime you can take care of her and be her tower of strength. If your family is as dysfunctional as you have described she will be emotionally damaged. You know how excruciating it is to watch your mom commit suicide in front of you as a helpless child?
    I have a friend whose mom has committed suicide when she was a kid and although she was rescued, my friend is clinically depressed and takes strong antidepressants. She has committed suicide twice herself and has spent weeks in a hospital. Her sister is also depressed... If you can, then protect your baby sister. It will be difficult for you but it's better than watching another person killing themselves in the end!

    Good luck

    • Thank you and I honestly don't know how I haven't end up crazy in this family. I used to suffer from extreme depression and anxiety as I used to get bullied now my depression and anxiety isn't as bad. And it is traumatizing to see your mother attempt suicide especially since I'm seventeen and unfortunately this isn't the first time she attempted.

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