Best Nokia phone for someone who appreciates quality, durability and quick response time?

Keep in mind - when I buy this phone I expect it to last foreveeeer!


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  • They work well. When I installed all these apps to update my settings, it did something to my phone system to prevent it from linking up to computer. I used to be able to transfer data like music and video to computer and vice versa... By usb wire.

    • I own a Lumia 1020

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    • I think I got the model name wrong ha! That older model could do all the things I wanted, that the Lumia models lacked.

    • Thanks... 😊

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  • I had a Lumia 620 and I didn't like it.

    Apparently all of them (I know a lot of people who own it too and they had the same problem) have a problem: if you take the back case out for, say, remove the battery, you need to put it in VERY, VERY carefully, making sure you do the bottom half first before closing it. Otherwise one of the ends will stick out and you'll have to repeat the process.

    What happened to me was that a friend of mine was using my phone because she wanted to buy one like it. She took the case out and when she was putting it back on she inserted the top half first so the bottom half was standing out. Because she didn't know she had to restart the whole thing, she pressured it down just a little bit to see if would fit.

    The screen immediately cracked, the phone shut down and it has been broken ever since. The touch doesn't work at all. I never made her pay for it since I had dropped it before and the touch was already unresponsive, but still it's a thing to keep in mind.

    • *was already pretty unresponsive. It was still working.

      Also, one of my friends is also unable to use the side bottoms for some reason on the 620. He had to activate a setting/software (not really sure) that allows him to unlock by tapping 2 times on the screen. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to unlock the phone.

    • Damn! O. o

  • I'm more of an android person, but now I'm using Iphone. next time I'll try nokia

  • Nokia is now Microsoft. So Microsoft Lumia 540. Price is about 150$.

    I cannot post its specs link here because of xper level 1, so i PM you the link.

    • Just Google the specs. It's easy.

    • I know but I googled it and they say the response time of that cell phone is slower than it should be and that worries me. O. o

    • They say complete garbage.

      Windows phones are way faster and lag free than Androids. I used Lumia 540 for a week. Great phone, selfie camera is awesome, speed and battery timings all perfect. It doesn't have compass though, so no directional Gps Navigation.

      I am now using Microsoft Lumia 430, $75 phone and it runs so fast without any lag.

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and I think it works well but I understand those who have other preferences.

  • I find Sony phones to be super durable and they got good cameras

  • Nokia 3110 is the best however you can go for microsoft lumia 630

    • I'm not talking about the newest, I'm talking about the most quality ones...
      - not buying a phone because it's cool, I'm buying it because mine is slowly dying

    • If you want to go for quality then 3110 isthe best

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