What should I expect from my freshman year of high school?

I star high school this upcoming school year and i dont know what to expect. Help?


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  • 1. High school literally changes who you are.
    you might not think you're going to change but you are. You'll change, your friends that you have now will change, the things you think are fun will change. But change is good.

    2. Take you classes seriously. You might not care, and when you fail a class you're going to think "oh its okay I'll take next year" trust me, you're going to hate it. I'm not saying don't have fun just study. Just make sure you don't forget about school, because high school is pretty fun. Also you need to be organized.

    3. Be a teachers pet.
    I know this might not sound good but trust me it's going to help you out in the long run. the teachers are going to see that you truly care about passing and doin your best. If they see that they will let up on you. They'll help you way more and want to help you.

    4. Junior year is important
    You need to start thinking about colleges and start signing up for scholarships. Trust me it will help.

    5. Drama is not worth it.
    You're gonna lose friends your freshman year. And you're going to be in a lot of drama unless you grow up and not in love your self in it. When you're older you're going to think back and think how stupid you were. When you're a junior or senior you will not have drama in your life unless you let it.

    6. You will be peer pressure.
    You're going to be peer pressure in high school. you're going to want to try new things. And maybe new things are good for you. But sometimes it going to be bad. Don't act stupid what so ever. Be smart.

    High school is extremely fun especially your junior and senior year. Right now you just have to learn a few things. I hope this helps you.


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  • Hot people are nasty assholes
    Be nice to your teachers and they will be nice back
    Slut shaming dosen't make you cool
    Being a slut dosen't make you cool
    Basically, High school is shit xD.

  • expect to hear people complaining about freshmen, serious oodles of drama, and seriously fake ass friends. but if you play right, You'll have a mothafucking blast




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  • It's not really that crazy. It not like tv makes it seem. Work crazy hard because doing well now is way better than trying to catch up later. Not everyone is dating or having sex so don't worry.
    He out there an be nice and social because 8/10 people will respond well to it and it will help you. Do not be afraid to ask questions or make mistakes. Just maintain a positive vibe and outlook on things.

    • Ok thank you!

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    • I know that's always a huge concern. Freshman year I only had one friend from the previous year at my lunch. But don't fret. If you meet some cool girl in your classes before lunch just ask them if they want to sit together at lunch. That simple

    • OK that makes me feel better. Thanks for all the help! :)

  • Everyone has difference experiences and sometimes the school and the people in it has an affect to how your experience will be. For example I've been in two high schools. The first one was TERRIBLE! Nobody paid attention me :( I knew no one and the people I did know were from middle school and I either never had a conversation with them, we didn't click or we just don't like each other. Everyone else seem to knew each other. There was this one teacher that saw me everyday but always thought I was a new student (He wasn't joking either) In the second school I came in around November and everyone was welcoming. I was REALLY known in school and I had a few close friends. The staffs were always there to help. This school also had a lot more after school activities and more resources.

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