I want to make friend and maybe a boyfriend, but feel like my personality is holding me back?

I feel its something "wrong" with me for being single my whole life in addition to not having close friends.

I had a bestfriend, but i broke it off since the friendship stressed me out and she refused to self reflect and ment that i was a bad person and that everytime she did something it was okay, but if i did something it was because i was selfish.

Anyway, she was the only person i could be myself 100% around and now the only person i can be myself around is my sister. So im not completely alone, but it would be nice to have other people to hang around with.

I have other friends, but im only semi-close with one of them, the other friends i just hang out with if there is a party or if we are going out.

In the past you could say i was "lazy" when it come to making friends. I was very shy and introverted while my former best friend was outgoing and social, so she made the friend and i became friend with them because they were friends with her. And since we are no longer friends i guess they woul rather hang out with her then me, which is kinda understandable.

I feel that me not having a lot of close friend is also linked with the fact i can't find a boyfriend, or at least make the guys im dating or talk to stay for a longer period of time.

So anyone that have any advice, because im starting its something wrong with me, and it makes me feel like im not an interesting person.


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  • guess it has 2 do wid being shy/introverted mostly actually. shy people have a harder time makin friends truth is especially wid outgoin people. so i guess it'd b better 2 befriend shyer/less-outgoin people then

    nothing wrong wid u, though... u r not alone :)


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