Have anyone ever been rude to someone that didn't deserve it?

It was a couple days ago but that's so unlike me. Thing is I'll never see this person again so there is no chance to apologize. I wouldn't want this person to go into a hating ranting online just because of me. But this person seemed shocked.

I was undergoing family issues and another personal stuff (to make matter worst, I was also having menstrual cramps too) and well it just came out of me. After an hour later or so is when I couldn't stop feeling guilt. I had trouble falling asleep too... thinking about that random stranger I'll never meet again.

That's the very first time I treated someone rude. I wish I would see that stranger again so I can apologize but nope, I never will.

I usually never forget my manners and have always been courteous since I was a kid. This was a one time off my character. Yet, I'm worried I might have impacted this person to the point of ranting. I wouldn't want to carry the burden of someone's hatred because of me.


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  • You are apologising to the universe for what happened so I reckon your karma and their karma will be fine. If you are kind 99.999999% of the time, don't let one untypical action get you down - I bet you they forgot all about it straight away afterwards


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  • I think we all have

  • I probably have, but then when it happens to me I just take it on the chin, people snap sometimes and it ain't personal.

  • Everyone deserves it. Long live the Confederacy.


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