Do you think it is irresponsible that Bobby Jindal employs someone who has multiple DUI's?

He has employed her since she was a teenager, and now uses some consulting company she set up. She has multiple DUI's and isn't a very nice person. He apparently doesn't care if those he pays put other people's lives in danger.


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  • I couldn't care less about bobby jindal or anything he does. fuck him.


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  • Did they serve there time? If so this seems like just picking at a candidate. How many Dui's did kennedy have?

    • Time? No. Probably got a light fine

    • ok well is the fine not paid?

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  • The state has laws which punish people for DUI's and those laws tend to be rather harsh. Are you suggesting that, after they are finished in court, the DUI defendants should be tarred and feathered ostracized from society, and perhaps sent to Devil's Island.

    I think it is much more irresponsible that Hillary Clinton used a private server for her official emails, because that may have caused the deaths of many Americans.