Is it good to be an entrepreneur?

i've taken the initial steps to becoming an entrepreneur this week. i want to earn about 200,000 pounds per year soon. but do many actually help society? i wish to, because i want to help developing countries get richer.


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  • Only if other people call you one, you can't call yourself one.

    • ok, it's good this offends you, but i don't care about your opinions of what is worthwhile lolol..

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    • eh? well you have aspergers', good for you./

    • but you have aspies disease only because you want to look bad and try and dismiss my point haha... sorry, but there you go. bye now, ms. aspie.

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  • Yeah I would think so , I wish I knew how but I've never been good at making money but if I was I know that any good business helps the economy and puts people to work

  • I am an entrepreneur by trade. I developed 5 companies and am now working on two startups. It's great if you have a vision, and I solute you in trying to build something to help society. But 200K pounds is a little ambitious do you have a good team in place, and have a solid plan? Most startups don't see return for a few years and your income is tied directly to profitability. Expect to live from other sources of income for the first 18 months to 5 years, unless you have made a better mousetrap and have the marketing in place...

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    • You really want to play this game? What's the most you have ever made in a single year, Me? $1.3 million American. ( FY 1993) and I can prove it.

    • oh... there's no game. Just it seems your ego is wounded, but i don't care. you don't get how the economy works, and are offended at somebody else wanting to improve things.

  • That would be awesome dude. Good luck

  • Okay, let me smack you with reality.

    Entrepreneurship is about making a profit with your venture. It may or may not directly help people (although anything of economic worth DOES help in an indirect way). But it MUST turn a profit. If it isn't going to turn a profit, it is NOT worthwhile to undergo.

    Charities are another matter altogether--and if you want to be an entrepreneur, a charity is an extremely poor choice. If you want a charity, wait until your actual venture is profitable and THEN found a charity or give to one.

    But I guarantee, if you mix up the purpose of what you are supposedly setting out to do, you will fail.

    • Being an entrepreneur is great. But don't get your wires crossed.

    • ok... but then you have a large ego and small will, so it figures.

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