What are your opinions on this black guy who hated to see Asian girls dating white guys or having preference for white guys as he said?

A man who threatened to commit suicide after allegedly attacking a series of Asian women was found hanging in the basement of an Upper East Side apartment building Monday.

In his blog he wrote: "I’ve been rejected by Women my entire life. I never understood why, but whenever I stopped to woo- I always ended up getting the same excuse every single time. Sorry I have a Boyfriend or Sorry I’m in a rush. Some Women even ignored me completely. It got really bad. This weekend I decided to talk to over 150 Asian Women, which ended horribly. I had to punch a White dude in the mouth for kicking me. I followed two Asian girls around SoHo just to see why they’re lives are ten times more important than a Black Mans in America. Unfortunately that didn’t end well. By the end of the night I really decided to fight my battle using violence. Humans don’t understand me. I see tons of Asian Women walking around with White Men and I never understood how they even made it on a date, if I’m trying so hard just to get one number. I’ve been rejected so much I feel absolutely numb. Tonight was the night I realized that Humans found racism popular. Now the whole World Hates me because I’m African American."

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  • They didn't reject him because he's black. They rejected him because he's stupid, and dangerous with a really heavy Asian fetish. He should have tried not being so creepy, and tried not to discriminate when it comes to other women. Maybe then someone might have tolerated him. :T


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  • No one deserves to die ( whoever said he deserved to die should be ashamed of themselves) , I sympathise for him, I think he was misguided extremely stressed out and depressed, but he's still in the wrong.

    Due to how black people are negatively portrayed on the media, other cultures may perceive all of us in a bad light, especially Asian countries. To top that off In Asian media black or darker features are not considered attractive (that can't be changed, it's just how it is).

    The only solution (if it's even considered one) is to inspire to be the best you can be (become successful, strive to build a business or career, have determination, improve social skills, socialise with different people est). (This applies to every race, not just Asian women).

    Now thanks to that idiot he has made it a bit harder for us to be represented properly over there , so basically consider his actions the wrong way to handle things (with a woman of any race).

    R. I. P to the guy (even though he's in the wrong), I hope his family is ok.

  • "I followed two Asian girls around SoHo"
    Fucking creep...

    The problem with him is his attitude not the color of his skin...

    I'm a short ass Asian dude and when I actually go out and try it isn't that hard...

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂racist

  • This guy is a loser. Good think he killed himself instead of going on a mass killing rampage or become a serial killer.. But like I said. I can't blame him because of the media and how black guys representing themselves... :D


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  • Interesting that he claimed others were racist while only trying to pick up Asian girls.

  • I mean, I feel for him and all, but having a shitty life doesn't give you the right to be a shitty person or a stalker. Jesus.

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